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Some seismological events in 2017 and 2016 incl. some blasts in a nearby quarry

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My seismometer is taking data each day and i just store them on my hard disk every week. From time to time i take a closer look at the data and look for events registered by professional seismological stations.
In June 2017 i recorded an event an Aegean Sea (Mag 6.4).
In April 2016 the Earth was quite active with events nearby Japan, Ecuador, the Myanmar-India Border region and Afghanistan-Tajikistan Border region
A couple of events are quite interesting because i believe they are blasts in a quarry in ca. 30 km distance. A friend of mine living quite close to the quarry has heard the blast and he has written down the exact date and time, when the blast occured. My seismometer recorded an event at exactly that time and a few professional seismometer nearby also recorded a visible peak.
As usual, the seimograms can be found here - however, i did not translate the text. Maybe google will do the job for you.